Beyond Engagement

Employee Health Activation

The Twine platform helps workplace health providers efficiently improve employee health and lower medical costs.

We partner with workplace health providers to improve all three Health Activation metrics.

  • Enrollment


    improvement in employee enrollment prior to using Twine

  • Engagement


    of employees are active in the platform at least monthly

  • Outcomes


    of employees with out-of-range biometrics reach target in 90 days

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Sign-up is job #1, and often the toughest step. We make it easy to help employees get started with social sign-in, incentives & rewards, and our nextgen health risk assessment, the Health Activation Profile.


Ongoing activity and adherence are achieved through personalization and because people aren’t their conditions, templates don’t cut it. Twine covers the entire spectrum of care for all conditions with completely custom action plans.


Behavior Change

Sustained behavior change is the cure to chronic disease, and the path to incredible outcomes and lower cost. Twine taps employees’ intrinsic motivations through frequent, light-touch communication and progress visualization.

Twine supports the full spectrum of care but is also used in targeted programs, such as:

  • Diabetes

  • Hypertension

  • Smoking Cessation

  • Weight Loss

Twine helps you understand your clients on a completely different level. While I did feel like I had a pretty good handle on things before Twine, now I know how much I was really missing. You get to learn patterns, behaviors, personalities, things that help dramatically improve the quality of every visit.


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Twine Employee Health Activation Platform

Twine Employee Health Activation Platform

Health Activation is the process of empowering employees to break free from the typical reactive healthcare experience and to become proactive in taking control of their health. The Twine team has been studying health behavior change and supporting unparalleled outcomes for the past 10 years. We created our platform to help scale health activation to everyone.

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