Putting the Care
into digital health

Twine revolutionizes care team collaboration, in and out of the office, delivering unparalleled health outcomes with fewer visits.

The Twine Collaborative Care Platform

Patients are the most important care team members. Twine is a new class of product, a collaborative care platform, designed to engage patients in all team activities – through a radical new approach that synchronizes the plans, notes, actions, and communications of every team member in real-time. Continuous care becomes the new norm and office visits the exception.

It is developed for innovative organizations that are dedicated to providing value-based care:

  • Direct Primary Care
  • On-site Employer Clinics
  • Health Homes & DSRIP
  • Care Management Organizations
  • Accountable Care Organizations

Why a collaborative care platform?

Technology is a powerful tool, but people are the solution to our healthcare woes. Our mission at Twine is to help patients get support from those that matter to them, on their own terms whenever, wherever they are: so they reach their goals faster and focus more on living.

Collaborative care eliminates the divide between care management and patient engagement. Care management and patient engagement are big buzzwords in healthcare today, but they are inherently not collaborative concepts. They even have their own software products, which tend to be used in silos and tend to marginalize the people for the sake of the technology and data. A collaborative care platform eliminates the divide and reframes all actions as teamwork. It recognizes that social support and social accountability are the most powerful drivers of behavior change and gratification, so it elevates them to the foreground.

No need to cobble together multiple care management and patient engagement products.

Our cloud-based collaborative care platform provides all of the important tools for optimizing care across all conditions in one tightly integrated package.

Shared Action Plans with Patient Self-Tracking

Patients co-create action plans with goals that matter to them. They use connected devices to track their progress and to build self-efficacy and create new behaviors.

Secure Video Calls and Text Messaging

Care teams provide timely support through tightly integrated communication tools. Patients get the attention that they deserve, seamlessly integrated into their busy lives.

Smart Population Monitoring

Twine maximizes care team efficiency by automatically highlighting key data and events as they stream in from the population. It helps to focus care on the right patients at the right time.

Real-Time Cost/Benefit Analytics

Every team member gets performance feedback, embedded in their daily work, to inspire continued improvement. The analytics are rolled up to the organization in real-time to optimize value-based care delivery.

Compare Care Team Members

We started by proving our approach in clinical trials…

And now we deliver unparalleled results across the spectrum of care…

  • x3 patients reach target in

    ¼ the time of standard care

  • fewer all-cause office visits

    x5panel size per care manager

  • 5 star patient satisfaction rating

    x2 gratification in work for coaches

For our innovative customers across the country.

  • My favorite part about Twine is the accessibility to my health team. I’ve been with my doctor for the last 20 years and I am more connected this year than I have been in the past.
  • As providers we often don’t hear about a problem until months of lost time has past. Twine closes the gap with a relationship we can use to address problems and concerns in real time.
  • Twine allows me to build relationships with patients in a way that we weren’t able to before.
  • As an IT professional I evaluate apps all the time and this is one of the best I have seen. With Twine, everything I need is in one place - my meds, my blood pressure measurements and my doctor.
  • I am able to monitor patients in-between visits and make sure they are getting the care they need, without them having to come into the office.
  • It’s very user friendly. I can keep an eye on my patients in real time and speak to them when I need to. The patients tell us more than just their how their health is - we hear how their families are doing.
  • I am excited that Twine gives the patient ownership of their health.  While working with one patient on his care plan, he suggested extending his exercise instead of adding a medication.
  • It’s great to see patients get their blood pressure under control and maintain it, they take great pride in that.
  • I always talk to my patients about lifestyle changes. With Twine, they decide what they want to work on and set their own goals with my support. I find they get much more excited that way and responsibility all of a sudden shifts.
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