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Employers want concrete outcome improvements and cost savings, not promises. The Twine platform can help your health coaching program stay ahead of the pack.

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Changing one life at a time

By the thousands

Personalized human touch from a health coach is key to outstanding outcomes, but scaling is difficult and expensive. Our platform helps your coaches become superhuman - customers have seen 300% increases in panel size.

Thousands of lives

Paradigm Shift

The New Behavior Change Timeline

Changing ingrained habits requires consistent effort, early and often. Enable participants and coaches to interact asynchronously, and you will see faster and more sustainable outcomes.

Behavior Change Timeline

Beyond Engagement

Employee Health Activation

Twine helps you deliver unparalleled outcomes by supporting your coaches and participants from enrollment through to sustained behavior change.

  • Enrollment

    Electronic outreach

    Integrated incentives

    Streamlined onboarding

  • Engagement

    Innovative self-assessment

    Interactive action plans

    Secure communications

  • Behavior Change

    Step-wise progress

    Novel AI / automation

    Just-in-time support

World Class

Health Outcomes

Delivering amazing health outcomes allows you to increase profit and grow your book of business. The foundational principles behind Twine produced some of the largest improvements ever seen in randomized controlled trials.

Beyond Training

Success is more than software

Our Customer Success team doesn’t just train your coaches on the technical side of Twine. They take a consultative, hands-on approach with every customer starting from project planning and continuing through long-term use of the platform.