Twine for Business

When patients lead, everyone wins.

With the right support, motivation and insight, self-efficacy is right around the corner.

In value-based primary care and health coaching, activating patients to take charge of their own health is the key to success, providing the best outcomes in healthcare for less cost than traditional care.


Decrease Primary per Patient Spend

  • Expand care team member panels
  • Cost shift to less expensive team members
  • Automate expensive admin tasks


Decrease Overall Total Cost of Care

  • Dramatically improve clinical outcomes
  • Decrease spend on high cost meds
  • Reduce referrals, ER visits, hospitalization

Three simple options for getting started.


Smaller impact

Patient Self-Directed

  • Patients use Twine with family and friends as coaches
  • Easy and affordable
  • 30-50% reach target outcomes
  • 5-10% reduction in total cost of care

Sizable impact

Twine Partner Coaches

  • A Twine partner provides skilled coaches to augment your team
  • Outcomes worth every penny
  • 50-80% reach target outcomes
  • 15-25% reduction in total cost of care

Largest impact

Your Care Team

  • Integrate Twine into your care model, and let your team shine!
  • Longest term benefit
  • 80-95% reach target outcomes
  • 20-40% reduction in total cost of care

Integrate Twine into your offering, and let your team shine!