Twine for Business

When patients lead, everyone wins.

With the right support, motivation and insight, self-efficacy is right around the corner.

Supporting patients to become continuously activated in their health is the biggest lever to a successful business in value-based primary care and health coaching. The result is the best outcomes in healthcare for less cost than traditional care.


Decrease Primary per Patient Spend

  • Expand care team member panels
  • Cost shift to less expensive team members
  • Automate expensive admin tasks


Decrease Overall Total Cost of Care

  • Dramatically improve clinical outcomes
  • Decrease spend on high cost meds
  • Reduce referrals, ER visits, hospitalization

Three simple options for getting started.


Smaller impact

Patient Self-Directed

  • Patients use Twine with family and friends as coaches
  • Easy and affordable
  • 30-50% reach target outcomes
  • 5-10% reduction in total cost of care

Sizable impact

Twine Partner Coaches

  • A Twine partner provides skilled coaches to augment your team
  • Outcomes worth every penny
  • 50-80% reach target outcomes
  • 15-25% reduction in total cost of care

Largest impact

Your Care Team

  • Integrate Twine into your care model, and let your team shine!
  • Longest term benefit
  • 80-95% reach target outcomes
  • 20-40% reduction in total cost of care

Integrate Twine into your offering, and let your team shine!